The Fantastic Adventures From The Dimensions

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Welcome To The Dimensions.

Dear Readers, 

We three welcome you to the first working online portal to the dimensions. Please note that there are some safety measures to observe:

Firstly: Do NOT feed any alien animal whatsoever. the reason, as we've noted, is because of the fact that some animals may think your arm is included with the food you are handing it.

Secondly: DO make sure you have everything you need. we've been getting many reports of people oddly taking things from others. we've also been getting reports of aliens swiping human things out of generalized curiosity. but that's not as important.

Finally, under no circumstances, should you ever, meet your past or future self. while this site doesn't supply it, there is time travel technology available in some unlisted locations. Outside of advising not to use any, we will at least advise you never encounter any of your past of future selves. Thank you.